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Aton Energy believes energy storage will become a “key factor” in helping renewable energy resources contribute to a “low-carbon society”, particularly in reducing the volatility of energy supply, which increases when intermittent sources like wind and solar are used.

Our battery energy storage plants has numerous benefits including:

1 – It will provide frequency regulation to the grid and be used to replace baseload electricity supplied traditionally by coal and gas power plants.

2- It will allow the local community to optimise its growing use of wind and solar energy by supplying the reserve power capacity needed to balance the grid.

3- In addition to making capacity available to transmission (or distribution) network operators via the primary reserve market so that the network operators can use it to keep the grid frequency regulated at 50Hz.

4- Local renewable generators will be connected to our plant and if there is overcapacity or congestion on the grid, their generated power will be used to charge the batteries. Clean Energy Generators will be able to sell the stored electricity onto the market at the prices and times most favourable to them.