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The energy landscape in Europe is currently undergoing a major transformation, presenting both opportunities and challenges for organisations working on the frontline of clean energy, like Aton Energy Ltd. All stakeholders and experts agree that this transition into the GRID 2.0 will be the junction of three trends:


The heart of the trend: transiting from a polluting power generation centralised to a smart, flexible and low carbon power. A number of European countries, including UK, have announced plans to phase out coal plants by 2025 or even sooner.


We all have the power to start generating or/and sourcing more of heat and power from our own place or from local sources, also called decentralised energy. Apart from reducing carbon emissions, it will also help to create energy stability when we are having to rely increasingly on fuel imports and an existing energy infrastructure which is ageing.


At a digital age, everyone can access, consume goods and services using new technologies. All the data behind are useful to understand to help evolving the way we do or use things. Energy will embrace that trend. Smart energy companies are already transforming the way businesses buy and use electricity through flexible demand technology. We can identify electrical equipment, which does not need to run continuously or does not need to run at a particular time, and then install new technology to turn that equipment on or off, and therefore their electricity demand up or down. This will come soon in every home, via clever thermostat, blockchain or battery storage.

Those 3 trends contributes to make the energy smarter, more flexible and optimise its use to avoid wastage. At Aton we are thrilled to be involved in this transformation.